Reasons Why Men Better than Women in the Driving

Men and women driving  

 Often heard joke which says that women are not capable of driving as well as man, it is apparently true, because scientists found the reason. Men better than women while driving under the influence of testosterone.

 When driving a car or other vehicle, a person requires a good control of direction, it can be influenced by the hormone testosterone. According to an analytical study, testosterone is what causes spatial navigation abilities men better than women.
"Our research has previously shown that women who receive testosterone increased skills in navigation," said Justin Rhodes, professor of psychology at the University of Illinois, who led the study.
In addition to having a better navigation capabilities, testosterone can also make men more adaptive. The adaptive nature provides benefits for men in order to more easily adjust to the circumstances or new things and challenging.
Rhodes with another team of researchers analyzed 35 different studies that included data on the spatial abilities range from 11 animal species, such as squid, mice, deer, horses, and so forth, including humans.
The research team found that 8 of the 11 species showed that males or males (in humans) have better spatial abilities than females or female species (in humans).
"These findings support the hypothesis that is often overlooked, that guy is better in terms of spatial navigation or direction," added Rhodes, as reported by Health India.

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