How to sow or plant a Kiwi

Kiwi fruit

How to plant or sow Kiwi, namely: 


        Kiwi fruit seeds in soak in warm water then drained and dried with a tissue. Kiwi fruit seeds in tissue kept in place dark for 1 night to stimulate growth of sprouts. Seeds later in seedlings in soil humus and spread the seeds evenly. Save kiwi seed seedlings in shade so as not to direct contact with the sun. Wait for 3 days and notice seedling-sprouts kiwi seeds will grow properly.

          After a week-10 day or after emerged leaves 2 sheets, kiwi seed seedlings already can be moved in the pot- small pot. Good luck sow the seeds of kiwi, hopefully later can grow with well and can be fruitful in Indonesia.
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  How to sow or plant a Kiwi "Indonesia Language" 

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