Contoh Procedure text How To Make “Es Puter” Shake

Hello everybody !! We will perform

How To Make “Es Puter” Shake

• 1 pack “Es Puter”
• Ice
• Water

1. A shake cup
2. A cup
3. A Lid of cup
4. A straw
5. A lid of shake cup

 First, take a shake cup and open it,
 Next, torn a pack of “Es Puter” and pour the flesh of “Es Puter” to the shake cup,
 Then, pour the ice to the shake cup. More or less of ice is up to you,
 After that, pour 250 cc or 1 glass of water to the shake cup,
 And than, close the shake cup, and shake the shake cup well,
 After shake the shake cup, open the shake cup, take the cup and pour the “Es Puter” shake to the cup and open it,
 Finally, put the straw into the cup, and “Es Puter” shake is ready be serve.
Thanks for your attention, and see you!!!!